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Trained by the National Auctioneers sell using the Auction Method for all assets - from personal property to commercial & industrial items.

A member of the National Auctioneers Association since 2011, Lisa has achieved several key designations, all aimed at raising funds via the auction method of marketing, whether it is for a cause or a client with personal or commercial assets.

AARE - Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate, CAI - The Certified Auctioneer Institute, California Licensed Realtor, BAS - Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, CES - Certified Estate Specialist, GPPA - Graduate Personal Property Appraiser, USPAP - Uniform Standards of Personal Property name a few.

Understanding value, human nature, appraisal, sales, marketing, branding, and the legal aspects of selling by auction are all key to transactions, whether they raise key funds for a non-profit or value for a seller, auctions work. 

​Our online auctions division is up and running, to learn more about how you can make auctions work for you, please reach out.​​ Auctions are fun, high energy, engaging events - for any asset, whether it be a cause or property. We make sure of that!

We sell more than assets too, we help our community! Benefit Auctions help everyone. To learn more about our Benefit & Fundraising Auctions, visit