About Us

Where do you start? 

Downsizing, Re-locating, Inheritance, Life-style change, or Closing Up Shop… 

There are so many details that require your attention when life changes!

Why go it alone when you don't have to!?

Our family team is here to help! We often pick up the phone and hear "We simply don't know where to begin, it's overwhelming"! We understand the enormous task ahead when you decide it's time to downsize or are left to handle a relative’s estate following a passing. There is usually a home, often cars, vacation property, boats, and generally collectibles and simply everyday living items. Where do you begin? What's the property worth? Should we sell the property first, or the things inside it? What if there is a collectible in the house you are unsure of? We work with trustees, retirees, executors and those who are just changing up their lives. In general, you may have to handle estate matters only once or twice in your life, so knowing what to do, isn't necessarily at the tip of your fingers. If you wish to learn more, please connect with us and we'll provide you with a complimentary consultation. ​Knowledge is power, let's brainstorm so you have the information you need to move on!

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