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Alexa Bartlett

Alexa, (daughter) a graduate of Scripps College is the super creative one in the family. With an eye for detail, layout, staging, professional photography, and turning any room into a masterpiece, Alexa makes all of the  in-home, off-site and online sales better.
Alexa is also our internet guru. She has incredible skill for research,  marketing campaigns, and using social media for promotion. Her youth and enthusiasm is certainly a great advantage for us, having grown up with the internet!

Lisa Taylor, Owner, CAI, GPPA, Auctioneer,

Estate Specialist, Realtor

Kera Bartlett Binns

Meggie Mei

Meggie Mei, Asian Antiquities Expert, CAI Auctioneer

Kera (daughter) started assisting with our estate work before she was born! It's literally in her blood. She brings her technical skills to our team, and is our 'organizational brain'. She is a master of spreadsheets (always important) and works mainly behind the scenes at this point. She brings her business skills to CalEstates,, earned while she obtained her MBA at Carnegie Mellon.

Lisa Taylor

Lisa brings her decades of estate experience to CalEstates. The owner (and mom) of this family enterprise, she has several professional designations in addition to her decades of hands on experience, to include; Certified Estate Specialist, Graduate Personal Property Appraiser, CAI (Certified Auctioneers Institute) graduate and realtor with Golden Gate Sotheby's and Professional Home Stager. Lisa obtained her undergraduate degree in Civil & Criminal Law from Seattle University. Her Masters Degree work was in Forensic Psychology.

Born and raised in China, Meggie has resided around the globe and brings her incredible skill set to CalEstates. Specializing in the Asian Antiquities market, she is fluent in English, Madarin & Shanghainese. She also speaks some Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Cantonese & Taiwanese. She brings us appraisal & valuation services, and of course,  access to global buyers for our Asian antique clients. Meggie is our auction sister.

We are an extended family business that focuses on helping our client families through life transitions.

For  more than 30 years, we have found that most of our clients have the same goals:

  • A trusted partner to sell their assets
  • A professional team to value and market their assets
  • A company with options for on-site, off-site & private consignment of their assets
  • Great communication & prompt payment

We have a wonderful extended family team that we bring to every on-site sale.  We also have a global team for every type of asset. We sell private consignments, buy out-right, host off-site sales and global auctions.

We have you covered!


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Kera Bartlett Binns, Business Strategy Consultant

Alexa Bartlett, Product Marketing Director &

Online Sales Specialist

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